The ring you propose with needs to be a statement of your love and everlasting commitment. We have a large selection of unique designers for you to choose from like Gabrield & Co., Kim International, Rego, Simply Diamonds, Allison Kaufman, & so many more.


What is an Engagement ring?


An engagement ring is your symbol of commitment to your significant other, made of precious metals, diamonds and gemstones, traditionally worn on the third finger of the left hand.

The First step in choosing the right ring would be choosing what metal it will be made of, does she like the solidarity of platinum, a natural white metal or the brightness and luster of gold? If gold is her favorite you can choose yellow, white or rose.

Next would be her diamond or diamonds, does she like a certain shape of diamond, traditional rounds, princess cut, pear, trillion, oval, marquise and heart are just a few that you can choose from.


Then we would choose your style.


So how do you choose yours? If she likes a traditional style then a solitaire ring with an accented band might be the way to go. Maybe she has a dazzling personality, try a halo ring with diamonds around the center and down the sides, it might just be the ring for her. Perhaps she is outdoorsy and would enjoy a more free form ring with natural organic aspects, such as vines, leaves and flowers. Does she like a romantic or antique look? Maybe a ring with mil grain, scroll work and intricate details, that she will cherish and love forever. Or is she a modern woman, swept up in our everyday hustle and bustle and a contemporary or modern style is more of her look, straight lines and patterned shapes.



Whatever her style is we can find the right one for you and her to enjoy!